Tasks helps you to outsource work. A task is attached to a component and when a worker works on a task, a new server will be created with only the necessary resources to fulfill the work.


A task is a public offering for a work on a resource. A task has the following attributes:

  • Resource
    The worker can work on the resource or on all dependent resources. Make sure all dependencies are included.
  • Title
    The title describes in a few words, what work has to be done.
  • Description
    Describe exactly, what you would like to change. Is it a bug-fix or a new-feature?
  • Max. price
    The maximum price you would like to pay for all verification, work and review combined. The minimum price is 20 RC (= 1 USD).
  • Skill
    Select in the dropdown a skill or category required to fulfill the task.

Task States

Here you see all the possible task states:

  • Own tasks
    Here the users sees all the tasks he created, except the archived.
  • Current tasks
    Here the user sees all the tasks, he has currently work to do (in review, work, verification, integration, etc.).
  • Waiting for verification
    Here all the tasks are listed, which are waiting for verification from all users. A worker earns 1 RC for a verification. The worker has also the chance to work on the task by himself.
  • Search worker
    Here are the verified tasks, where a worker is required. You see an offered amount. When the review is successful, the worker will receive the amount.
  • Waiting for review
    A reviewer checks and tests the work done by the programmer. He receives about 10 % of the amount.
  • Archived
    All the tasks that are archived are in this category.

Login to task environment

You can login to a task to work on the task or to review it. When a new task is started, a new server instance will be created automatically, including the source code of the resource, and all the dependencies.