Resource Manager

Plan, design, program, test and deliver in this multi-technology
all-in-one software creation platform.


The Resource Manager lets you create the most modern web-applications.

Manage Software Projects

Create to-do's and tasks, view the status of your project at any time.

Shared Software

Use free components for your website from the Resource Manager Store.


Explore the full source-code of the RESOURCE MANAGER environment.

Full-Stack Components

Use or create full-stack-components with custom HTML-tags, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, MySQL-tables, etc.

Automated Outsourcing

Find the best workers world-wide to complete your tasks in a few minutes! Resource Manager

This is the only software you need to create a professional website or web-application.

Manage your resources (designs, sites, functions, services, forms, ...)

With all kinds of resources, you can manage them in a very similar way. Explore what you can do with your resources:


Create a public offering for a task (like programming, designing, etc.), define the max. amount of $. The selected resource and all dependencies are downloaded to a protected sandbox-server where the worker can complete the task.

To-do list

The to-do list is saved on your server and contains all ideas, bugs, features and improvements you have. You can define the priority and estimate a time.


Code, view and debug your webservices, tags, etc. with our editor. The editor supports PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and much more! Autocomplete, auto-format and a history.


Define what resources (web-services, tags, db-tables, ...) you need. The system will automatically include the defined resources.

Access Control

Who can view your tags? Who can call a PHP-webservice or who has access to read or write to database tables? Manage your access rights in the RC RESOURCE MANAGER.


Create applications just by defining the user-interface in the design section. Or generate forms for functions, webservices, tags, etc. by using the parameters.


See what events your tags fired and other details about the tag you would like to inspect.


Rate your resources, your workers and your reviewers to optimize the quality of your web-application or just check the ratings of other users.


Improve your programming skills with the documentation of the RC RESOURCE MANAGER. We offer tutorials and a help-mode with additional info-texts.


Configure your resources, add a documentation, version, vendor, name, title, project. It is also possible to extend a resource and set defaults.


Define the interface for your resource. To test your resource or automatially generate forms for your users with the right form elements (email, phone-number, text-area, number).


The info section letsy you see all the information about your resources. See the title, name, description, parameters, version, vendor, license, to-do's, ratings and dependencies.


Search through all of your PHP, HTML and JavaScript-Sources, your configurations and parameter. All your sources are indexed in a fast database-based search-engine.


See the history of the resource and what configuration, design or code changed over the last versions. Compare source-code line-by-line or compare updated meta-data.


View your tags, web-services, database-tables, etc. directly in the editor. You can use this to admistrate your server or to test your resources individually.